Where will Micron Technology (MU) go after After 11% After-Earning-Report Drop

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Micron has a quite good earning report on Mar. 22, 2018. But the stock price just dropped 11% since. Where will Micron go then?

I bought some MU stocks just before its drop. Sell or hold? I do some research in my way. Here is what I get.

First, I produced this chart. If you like to take a look at the code, here it is: https://github.com/MiaToro/Stock-Data-Analysis


The green line as legend said is for quarterly earning per share. Here it’s multiplied by a coefficient which is 25 here so the line’s change will looks obviously compared with stock price. The dark yellow line is for P/E (price per earning). Now we can see that the price’s change looks correlated with its quarterly earning, doesn’t obviously correlate with P/E.

Now it looks that the price line is below the-quarterly-earning-per-share dots, and no sign that its earning will go down soon, so the price will go up. How much? Let me take a guess: $70 before the next quarterly earning report.

In addition, now, it’s P/E is 6.09. The price is $52.4. The earning for one year is $8.6.

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