An American wanted to pull rank — it’s a Yale PhD student that starts all this

I watched it a few time. It’s amusing like a drama. The commissioner wanted to pull rank, but the officers stood their ground. I am not laughing at the former commissioner. I just feel that the happy ending shows that each job has its dignity in America. That’s great.

Start as 51:14
I am XX. I am a resident. Here you go.
I don’t need that.
Ok. Fine.
You are just here for the ride, right? (* I am not sure what he said)
No. I am not. I am here as a concerned citizen and friend of mayor and have been in Tenafly for 20 years.
I take a full responsibility for them, and what is the reason that they were pulled over.
The driver has all information. He will tell you.
No, no, no. I need to know.
No, no, no. You don’t need to know. You are not involved. You’re picking them up …
No, I am involved.
I am going to tell you: this driver at the automobile, he’s over 18. That’s all you need to know.
We don’t need to see credential.
OK. OK. Could you give me a little bit …? Thank you.
You are a Commissioner.
I’m the Commissioner.
Do you have a ID with it?
This is my ID and my business Card. I am the Commissioner of Port Authority and I’m heading over $4000 police officers.
OK? So, if there’s a problem, I think I have –
There’s no problem.
Well, I think there’s a problem.
It’s an unregistered vehicle.
Okay. Let’s hear – what is – why were they pulled over, first of all?
No, don’t call me “Miss.” I’m “Commissioner”. Thank you.
Commissioner, with all due respect, the driver will tell you.
No, no, no. I need to know.
Yes, Ma’am, the car is getting towed.
Why are the car getting towed?
Go ask him.
No, no, you are the person …
Go ask him.
Trust me.
Miss, this does not involve you one percent.
Yeah, it does. Because I am picking them up. I am offering to take responsibility for them. You can’t even tell me what the charge is. So you can’t tell me what’s the problem?
That’s fine.
Why is it so difficult to say why they were pulled over?
Everything is already explained.
I know, but I need to know.
Because this is impacting me…
I got four people who are coming back to my house including people who live in New Haven attending Yale Graduate school, a PhD student. And I don’t know why it’s so difficult to say what the problem is. This is impacting me in the Sunday I gotta take four people back …
I am gonna honest with you. Can I speak frankly with you?
Yeah, yeah, I want to know what problem is?
It’s the more of the way you just approached me and your demeanour.
I’m being honest with you.
I want to know why …
I don’t appreciate your demeanour and you are very demanding with me.
I am asking you a question which is not being answered.
Because it doesn’t need to be answered.
You are irrelevant. If you like to read my report, come down to the police department on Monday, you can get a copy of it. You have no right to know what is going on.
No, I do.
Explain to me, why?
Because these four people I have … that’s my daughter.
She is a backseat passenger.
And there’s a problem with you describing it, because you don’t feel confident why these people were being pulled over.
Your daughter has all those documents. Your daughter is not the driver. It is not her vehicle, not your vehicle. You are not involved.
If you have a problem explaining what the problem is and why their car was confiscated, then we have a problem. I will be with the Commissioner of Police of Tenafly.
Please step back, step back, step back please. Please step back from me. I can’t move back any farther. I keep moving back farther and you keep moving closer to me. Can you step back?
Step back.
You can’t tell me what problem is.
I’m not because of your demeanour.
No, I came very …
I’m under no legal obligation to tell you.
I have no legal obligation to tell you what I will be doing.
You can do whatever you like to do.
We’ve been …
This is a lawful motor vehicle stuff. You are here to pick them up. OK?
The report. The driver has been advised of everything was going on.
… graduation, you guys came in and it wasn’t long ago.
What graduation? What are you talking about?
OK.OK.Thanks for your motivation and help.
Have a nice day.
You know what? I hope you have a very nice holiday weekend too, because you just ruined it for a lot of people without having a decency.
I didn’t ruin anything. I am doing my job.
Yeah, you did.
I just hope, you, being a Commissioner, understand the job an officer has to do.
There is no explanation. How can I understand?
You didn’t even ask them.
I ask you because you are the one …..the report, the problem …
I don’t appreciate the way you approached me, the way you demanded information, the way … based off your position in another agency, whatever it may be, you have a business card with credentials. I don’t know you. I just met you a minute ago. No official identification.
You know Lewis, Smeldosky…
What does that do with anything?
I’m telling you who I am, I’ve been in the town for 20 years, and as a curtesy I would like to understand the rationale they are being pulled over and their car was confiscated. This is a curtesy I don’t know why it’s difficult …
I believe you asked your daughter, the driver of the motor vehicle.
My daughter is a backseat passenger as you said.
You are making the accusation.
What accusation?
The accusation I don’t know, you told me, go Monday to read the report.
I am not going to ask the driver what you … them for wrong doing. I am asking you because you …. the report for the accusation. They are the source, you are the source. So I try to go to the source. If you want me to go their side of the story, I will. But I won’t do that …
… at this point.
You know what? I am very disappointed in the way the two of you are acting.
You can’t even tell me the mother living in Tenafly for 20 years with two kids who went through the school system, what the problem is, and that’s shocking, shocking for you can’t even give me a sentence …
Just for safety reasons, this is a high-speed road, I think we should all get off the road.
A little bit dangerous for us being out here as long as we were anyway.
Thank you for your concern with my safety.
I don’t need it. You can’t put a sentence together. Sorry.
That’s pathetic.
You are a disappointment and you are just following him, so you are also a disappointment.
You can’t put together a sentence of what the problem is?
Are you finished now, Madam?
I’m shocked! I’m shocked, and very disappointed. Thank you for your help.
You may take them now.
You may not tell me when to take my child. You may shut the fuck up and not tell me when I may take my kid and her friends, who are PhD students from MIT and Yale. You may tell me nothing because you told me nothing. Shame on both of you.
I will be talking to the Chief of Police, and I will be speaking to the mayor.
Please. Badge No. 540.
I got your name. 
Just to make sure there are no discrepancies … Mat is the first name.
Don’t you worry.
As long as you got your information right.
I’ve got all your information, sweetheart.
You can’t put a sentence together. That’s shameful.
Have a pleasant weekend.
You have a wonderful weekend.

… ….
You know what … this isn’t gonna go down nicely.
The driver was advised where it’s going, as was your daughter. Your daughter was very nice as well. She asked and I told her.
Guess what? I’m not so nice. And you can tell that to everybody, and it’s fine.
In my home, in my second home, in my third home …
What’s the relevance to this situation?

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