Email setting to relay emails for phpBB 3 on godaddy web hosting [solved]

1, Try gmail, it shows on Maintenance > Error log:

Email error

Could not connect to smtp host : 111 : Connection refused

Errno 2: stream_socket_client(): unable to connect to tls:// (Connection refused) at [ROOT]/includes/functions_messenger.php line 1188

2, Use localhost as SMTP server address and protocol as then Phpbb 3 manual said. It shows:

General Error

SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

MySQL server has gone away [2006]

3, Then I googled again and again. It’s said that gmail’s SMTP is blocked by godaddy. I registered one email on godaddy and in the configuration file of the email, I find the name of STMP.

Finally, the configuration as below works:

General setting:

Contact email address: your godaddy email address

From email address: your godaddy email address

SMTP settings:

Use SMTP server for email: Yes

SMTP server address and protocol: tls://

SMTP server port: 465

Authentication method for SMTP: login

SMTP username: your go daddy email address

SMTP password: your email password

Verify SSL certificate: Yes

Verify SMTP peer name: Yes

Allow self-signed SSL certificates: No

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